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It was 1986 when the Agostoni-Manaresi family moved from Bologna to the 'Bella Vista' hill in Zola Predosa. Between 1988 and 1992 the existing vineyards were planted and the farm was restored and various improvements were made (like the planting of native trees and bushes, orchards, olive groves, etc.). In the mid-90s they began to think about the restructuring of the farmhouse located at the center of the company and about the construction of a modern winery, starting from the 'peasant' cellar existing under the house itself. In 2008-2009 the renewal of the vineyards begins: two new plants are planted (Pignoletto and Sauvignon). In 2009 the building works of the farmhouse were completed. The underlying winery is equipped with all the latest generation of oenological plants to be able to undertake, with the 2009 harvest preceded by two experimental harvests, an articulated path of business development. The 2009 is therefore the first harvest with vinification and bottling of Manaresi.


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