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Bandiera d'Italia

Colli Bolognesi area is rich in history, art, food and wine.

And there is no shortage of museums dedicated to these themes.


The "Ecomuseo della Collina e del Vino" (ecomuseum of the hill and the wine) is a place designed to promote the territory in its various environmental, cultural and traditional aspects and the activities carried out by its inhabitants past and present.

The museum is located at the Casa del Capitano della Montagna in the ancient medieval village of Castello di Serravalle, the best location to be part in the history and environment of the area it intends to enhance.

It is organized into nine systems, which represent the main themes of the relationship between men and territory presented with in-depth texts, images and evocative objects.

A synthetic museum precisely in order not to concentrate the attention inside but to intrigue the visitor and push him to discover the exterior by coming into contact with the real aspects of Colli Bolognesi. The educational path is completed by a small library of local culture and a tasting corner where the wines produced in the municipal area are displayed and can be tasted.


Open on Sunday and public holidays, with free admission. Otherwise by reservation. More information is available on the Valsamoggia museum website:

Ca' la Ghironda

Ca 'la Ghironda is a unique museum that is located in Ponte Ronca di Zola Predosa. The area consists of a large park where art and nature merge and an internal gallery where it is possible to admire over five hundred works by the most representative artists of national and international painting from the 16th century to the present day.

The park of Cà la Ghironda (which includes a "Petite" and a "Grande Promenade") covers 10 hectares and it is possible to admire over two hundred sculptures. It also features a rich botanical garden and an open-air theater.

The museum, besides being an exhibition area, also hosts conventions, cultural events and private ceremonies. A large space dedicated to hospitality is also available thanks to a restaurant and a resort.


For more information, visit the museum website:

Crespellani Museum

The "Arsenio Crespellani" Museum is an archaeological civic museum, born in 1873 thanks to the activities of the "Society for archaeological excavations for scientific purposes" directed by the homonymous archaeologist from Modena.

The area in which the museum is located is also historic as its five rooms are on the first floor of the Rocca dei Bentivoglio (Bentivoglio's castle) of Bazzano.

The original nucleus of the exhibition materials has been enriched over time by discoveries made in the territory of the Samoggia, Lavino and Reno rivers Valley in a chronological arc ranging from the Paleolithic to the Renaissance.


For more information, visit the Valsamoggia museum website:

Badia del Lavino

The Museum of Badia del Lavino is located in the abbey of Saints Fabiano and Sebastiano also called, precisely, Badia del Lavino (abbey of Lavino).

There is no definite information on the birth of this complex but it is known that in this place a religious building had to rise since the VII-IX century D.C. while the first written quotation is found in a document of 1150.

The museum wants to be a starting point and support to the knowledge of the history of the church and of the territory of Monte San Pietro enriched also by the presence of antique agricultural tools.

The exhibition layout is designed not to hide the frescoed walls.

For more information you can consult the website:



The Nigelli's Collection is located in San Martino in Casola (Monte San Pietro), at the NIFO company.

Thanks to the passion of an entrepreneur in the mechanical sector, this uniques collection of specimens of historic motorcycles was created. 

Particularly noteworthy are the models of motorcycle brands born in Bologna during the '900.

This collection is reported in the main guides dedicated to the topic!

In addition to motorcycles, there are also truly surprising pieces of acoustic signalers (like,for example, trumpets to the Navy signal, audible 15 km away in open sea).

To visit the Nigelli's Collection it is necessary to make an appointment and arrange day and time. The number of visitors is limited (within ten).


For reservations contact the following number: 051 6766792 (NIFO company).

More information is available at the following link: